About us

« In everything we undertake, we seek to contribute to biotech innovation by creating sustainable and beneficial collaboration. 
What matters to us is not only advising but operating side by side with our partners to ensure project success. »



Florent Maestracci

With more than 18 years as consultant for biomanufacturing industries (vaccines, blood derived products, gene therapy, …), Florent was acting as CMC project manager (Quality by Design, process validation & comparability) and expert on contamination control topics.
He loves getting involved in multi-cultural environment to facilitate interfaces and ensure project success.

Margaux Desnoyer

Biotech engineer with a strong manufacturing experience in biotech companies & at Sanofi, Margaux used to lead cross-functional projects and deployed process industrialization strategies.
Always enthusiastic about contributing to healthcare companies’ success stories, she enjoys sharing her experience and lesson learned while optimizing their CMC journey.